Lizzo the Hutt

Awards shows these days are typically dreary, unwatched affairs. The movies, plays, shows, or songs they honor with awards are often obscure, unpopular, and ignored by the ostensible audience for the shows. Add interminable political statements inspired by the far left, hosts who can’t tell jokes for fear someone might be offended, and you understand why people are all watching Netflix or cooking shows instead.

The one bright spot has long been the dresses that the stars wear. Thousands of dollars are spent creating memorable dresses. B and lower list females looking to build their instagram followings often wear “dresses” that show the max amount of cleavage, and possible some cooter as well. I mean after enough women expose their boobs and butts, what is left that would be thrilling? Your genitals, of course.

BTW, thank God guys have not decided to follow this trend.

This year the most interesting and hilarious dress was not a barely there bathing suit, but the gelatinous giantess Lizzo. She chose this year to wear…that garment. I immediately thought of the Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt, whom Lizzo is imitating with this wearable tent.

Now, why Lizzo would want to imitate the vile and villainous Jabba from a fashion perspective, is beyond my imagination. Possibly the fact that both share the same physique?

Any ways, I celebrate Lizzo for her fashion daring, and for paying homage to Jabba.

But I do miss dresses more like this one. In case anyone was wondering

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