Stupid Kitchen Devices

Electric Pot Stirrer. Now with Three Speeds!

IT seems there is no limit to the number of useless items available to you on the internet. I have seen many and quietly contemplated, now what sort of common sense free individual would buy such a thing with their hard earned money.

This one though, is the worst I have seen lately. And I saw a TON during the christmas holiday gift season. Do you know this one achieves a special status of its own in the world of Bushwood snark.

Here it is, an electric pot stirrer. You know, for those people whose kitchen skills are at such a low ebb that they can’t stir their own soup on the stove. Possibly for the double arm amputees, but really, you can’t do this yourself otherwise?

This is like the button that opens and closes your hatchback for you. As if we could not do that very easily ourselves. Yet another electric motor part that will eventually need repair. But which there was NEVER any need on the first place.

So congratulations to teh inventor of this…pointless clutter. You are at the bottom of your class.

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