Rihanna Dances with Sperms

Another boring halftime show at the Super Bowl. Rating 3 Stars

If we have to make a choice, we should want a great game and a lousy halftime. So this year, that wish was fulfilled. Exciting game, major comebacks, gritty play by the quarterbacks. Wow. Thanks to the Chiefs and Eagles. We can also be thankful on behalf of the City of Philadelphia, who surely would have completely trashed their city if their team had won. In KC, the fans came out and yelled politely, “Yay Chiefs” and drank an extra Bud Light. A little more civil and polite than the notoriously violent and nasty fans that they have in Philly. I can speak from personal experience that they have earned their reputation there.

Meanwhile we were treated to Rihanna at half time. I admit I am not that familiar with her songs, which I found fine but undistinguished. The show was marred by the costumes. While not as ugly or bizarre as the skeletor masks worn by the dancers who accompanied Weeknd, they were really strange. I mean, who dances in sleeping bags? Were they supposed to be sperms swimming upstream to Rihanna’s womb, which apparently already had an occupant? Why did they point at her accusingly? Or was there some other hidden message? Wait, I don’t even care.

I can say that it was a snoozer, as were most of the commercials. Its as if the marketing world lots its sense of humor. Bring back the cowboys herding cats, now THAT was funny.

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