Low Scoring in the NFL? Its the Refs, dummy

Having commented on architectural design, idiots in politics, and crazy fashion trends, I have decided to add sports and movie snark to my unread repertoire. Aren’t you thrilled? Or completely indifferent?

My team is the Redskins, er…Commanders. Yes, this is appropriate time to silently express sympathy for me, and my fellow Cmanders fans. It sucks to be a fan of this dreadful collection of non performers, and has for 30 some odd years. Only the Cleveland Browns have a more pathetic record of infamy and bottom dwelling play over that time span. As a side note, that team is so bad that they moved it to Baltimore, one of the few major cities in this country more arm pitty than Cleveland. But I digress. In any case, this snark is about neither team.

Today a short note on the lack of scoring and touchdowns this year vs. the prior ten or so. I have read several articles theorizing on the reason scoring is down 6% of 1.4 points vs. last year. The riseable theories include lousy coaches, lousy quarterbacks, or the combination thereof. These are paid sportswriters, who purport to have knowledge of football. Bollocks, they know bollocks all. Are they actually watching the games?

Having watched a bunch of games this year, the clear answer is the referees. You can tell in every game whether it will be high scoring or not, if the zebras call pass interference on the first of several passing plays. Marginal calls. IF they do, try to get a bet down on the over under to anticipate a 55-45 game. The cornerbacks will have to back off, the quarterbacks will have career days.

If on the other hand, the refs are “letting them play”, meaning letting murderous assault on the receiver go, you are in for a running, low scoring game. Its like in baseball, umps shrinking the zone by an inch on either side may result in a no hitter. Expanding by an inch, means a home run derby.

Not pass interference in todays NFL

In the games I have watched, the D backs are draped on the receivers like cheap toupees. They are hitting the receiver before the teams hikes the ball. Sometimes before the opening kickoff. They are grabbing jerseys for 30 yards. They are committing a mugging every time the receiver runs downfield. In point of fact, clear and obvious pass interference on every pass play.

Guess what? Scoring drops. This is not a hard observation to make, but I have yet to read a professional sportswriter that has done so. I believe this is being called both ways, so I am not just whining about my teams getting jobbed in the process.

I am a Washington Commanders fan. Yesterday a Giants defensive back held, shoved, pushed, and bumped a Commanders receiver on the goal line. Ref on the spot threw flag. After a challenge, no interference. Game resulted in a tie. Worth a watch if you don’t believe me.

I think in a related observation, you can hold, grab, choke, throttle, karate chop, and sucker punch a rushing defensive linesman and there will be no offensive holding. Every play.

Now, things may change. But I think the league has dictated this regime, for unknown reasons. Possibly it helps parity, or helps their fantasy team defenses? So pay attention to the replays in upcoming days, and let me know if things have changed.

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