The U.S. Has No Secrets Anymore

U.S. Security Directors of Top Secret Stuff

Just have to comment, yet again, on the carelessness, ineptitude, absurdity of our national “Intelligence” community. Another vast horde of secrets were leaked, including troop dispositions of Ukraine, the knives in our back inserted by so called allies, and what size underwear Joe Biden wears, (Depends, Large).

It has come to light that the leaker is a 21 year old member of the air national guard. Just what business does some entry level pissant in the national guard have, getting access to top secret materials? Apparently this person just printed out reams of documents, took a picture on their i Phone, and posted the info on YouTube.

This begs the question, is there in fact ANY security in use that intends to keep our secrets, secret? As reported in an earlier post, one low level pinhead/translator simply printed a trove of docs, hid them in her underwear, and walked out the door. Then passed on the an online leaking website. (link to relevant post follows).

I think our national security has become a porous joke. Russia and China likely fired all their spies in the US. Why pay salaries when you can get all the info you need from YouTube or Wikileaks? Boris and Natasha likely are chopping cabbage at the borscht cannery in Siberia.

This does beg the question, is there really a case of misappropriating classified documents against Trump or Biden? They probably called up the Russian embassy to get access to those documents. I think the unlocked closet that Biden put the docs in at the U Penn is more secure than CIA headquarters. And hey, Trump locked up his purloined docs. You know, with a Master Lock. More security than the Defense Department uses.

If anyone wants to know why the world now finds our country to be running gag, look no further than the useless stooges running our “Intelligence” community. Maybe they should unlock all the file cabinets and join Boris and Natasha at the borscht plant. At least there, they might add some value to society.

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