Bud Lite Controversy

Dylan Mulvaney. Does it make you thirsty?

A big story this week is that Bud light has made its pitch person a trans person of some gender or other. The person is named Dylan Mulvaney, which they was born with a penis, and to all reports, still sports one.

The marketing manager for Bud Light, Allisa Heinerscheid, explained that Bud Lite as losing sales faster than the wink of a young girls’ eye, (Bruce Springsteen reference). To address this precipitous decline, Ms Heinerscheid ignored the inherent defects in the product itself. Its tasteless and has low alcohol content. Who cares about the product itself? Clearly this can be solved through a new image.

Ms Clueless marketing doofus, was unhappy with the marketing message extant for the brand before she was given responsibility for saving. It was too “fratty” to pass her sensibilities.

As a member of a frat in my lifetime, I can attest, that we drank A LOT of beer. So appealing to this demographic would seem to be worthwhile marketing goal. Guys drink 3x more beer than females. Appealing to drunken frat boys is not an illogical approach tl selling beer.

Additionally, when talking about beer for mass consumption, it is understood that supporting the brand aspirationally is important. Most mass consumption beers taste very similar, so creating an image is important to sustaining brand image and loyalty. This is why beer commercials imply that by drinking their brand, you will get laid by awesome girls. That you are cool, manly, someone to be respected. And up actually may have a chance with a female.


So Ms. anti frat decided that a new, update image was in order. She chose to advertise the brand as one which supports coolness as guys supporting biological males wearing dresses and hanging around in gay bars. Now, there may be many males of the current generation who want to project the image of being supportive of persons with penises wearing dresses. I have no idea.

All I can say, is no matter what guys say in a focus group or survey, they will likely not want to be associated with a fem image. Not passing judgement, just saying. Now ordering a Bud Light, I would feel that every person in the bar would be saying, is it/she/they/Ze wearing a thong under its wranglers? Did they bring their own KY? I am not sure this would have the desire effect on chicks, but of course, maybe they are turned on by this.

So good luck to Bud Light. Ror clarification, I have not drunk your cheap taste free watery product since I could afford to buy something better. So, my consumption will not change, proving I am not a transphobic person. I am enlightened man of the third millenium. Personally, I predict that the downward sales trajectory will be vastly accelerated. But I am not a trained marketing expert such as the distinguished Ms. Heinerschneid, so what do I know?

Please pass the Chimay or the Blue Moon, beers that taste like something. And don’t involve me in gender politics.

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