Transvestites and Olympics TV Ratings

What will happen to ratings in “women’s” sports

Probably Not LGBQT. Beach volleyball player

So human beings with detectable peckers will be competitors as Women in the upcoming Wuhan Flu olympics (brought to you by Pfizer and Moderna).

Probably Ratings Epic Fail

Aside from the obvious idiocy of such pretenses, and the negative impact this will have on actual women athletes, (you know, those sporting cooters and uteruses) in competition, I pondered what this will mean for viewership of “womens'” sports

Ask a female beach volleyball player why they wear bikinis, and the answer is so that men will watch. (Note that persons with Peckers do not wear speedos except in the pool) I assume ditto for track and field athletes. Or possibly they ran out of track shorts over at Dicks. Hah!

Allison Stokke attracts male viewership

So the ratings at the Olympics, and all future telecasts of womens’ sports where bikinis are prominent (or teeny tiny) features, will likely plummet.

Sponsorship money will disappear and young female athletes will not bother to compete, as persons with peckers will dominate. In all women with cooters sports.

You all may recall the old story of the emperor with no clothes. This cautionary tale is told to reveal the disastrous consequences of people in power believing conpersons who are able to convince them of something clearly untrue. Loss of money, respect, and dignity follow once the con is revealed.

I never thought I would live in a time when conpersons could hector an entire world into accepting the clear fiction that biological men are biological women, just by declaring it to be true. We live in a world where you can walk around naked, declare yourself to be wearing designer clothes, and no one will say a word.

For an hilarious take on this insanity from Monty Python, check out this prescient clip from the Life of Brian, filmed in 1979. They mocked the future naked emperor cult of today, in a very funny way.

Bizaaro world everyone.

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