Best Guy Action Shows Ever

Best Guy Oriented Action TV/Cable Series

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen. Just one of 50 awesome babes on this show

In the interest of public service, specifically for GUYS, I present the following shows that appear on various networks and are bingeable.  When I say this list is for GUYS, I mean that each series is mostly action.  The heroes are GUYS, with maybe some gals in support.  They feature awesome babes in tight (or occasionally, no) clothing. 

None of these shows has heroes who are angst filled, hesitant to blow away bad guys, or wimpy in any way.  And of course, there are almost no romantic stories, English period pieces, shows based on novels by Jane Austin or other such female oriented dreck. 

Good for you, all those that love Emma, Bridgerton, Downton Abbey, and the like.  There is nothing wrong with that.  However, sometimes a GUY wants to watch something where the plot moves at a rapid, not glacial pace.  To all of you guys who feel that way, I present the following list

Note this is not represented as all inclusive.  I bet I have missed A LOT.  Please respond with mocking comments regarding my intelligence, lack of TV knowledge, and halitosis.  I welcome the input to improve myself and reissue a more complete list.

The Best of All Guy Action Shows.  In priority order
1Game of Thrones.  The best of all guy action series.  Fantasy show in which the action, the plot twists, the surprises, never stop.  You will love Peter Dinkledge.  I have watched twice and will watch again. 
2The Wire.  Another of those, best shows ever made.  Cops and drug dealers at war with each other.  Please take my word for it, this is a fantastic show.  Idris Elba is a star.  You will feel you are present on the gritty streets of Baltimore, in its drug scene.  A MUST WATCH.
3Breaking Bad. Drama about drug dealers.   Just one of the best shows every made.  Full of surprises.  A must see.
3Justified.  Present day western, set in rural Kentucky.  Cop show.  Timothy Olyphant is an all American hero, no sissies in this show.  Awesome babes, particularly Joelle Carter and Natalie Zea.  The dialog is fantastic, snarky and funny.  I own the boxed set once I could not watch for free anymore. 
4Band of Brothers.  WW II war show.  One of the best ever made.  All action, realistic.  Fantastic cast.  Thanks Tom Hanks (producer).  A MUST WATCH
5The Sopranos.  Mafia series.  Great action.  One of the best shows made. 
6Bosch.  Police murder mystery show.  One of the best ever.  Must see.
7The Last Kingdom.  Set in Medieval England, the Saxons beat up on the Vikings.  Great battle scenes, beautiful babes, sparkling wit.  Alexander Dreymon is the James Bond of the 800’s in England.  I have watched this one twice also.  A MUST WATCH.
824.  The grandaddy of them all.  Anti terrorist spy show.  The action is relentless, you will not want to stop till you get to the end of a season.  A must watch.
9Endeavor.  British detective murder mystery.  Not really an action show, but is my favorite detective show of all time.  Each mystery has cinema quality photography, casts.  The mysteries, and how our hero Shawn Evans solves them, are all intricate and you will guess none of them.  A MUST WATCH.
11Rome.  Sword and Sandal Roman series based in the time of Caesar.  Unbelievable action, nubile babes abound.  Guys, this is your kinda show for sure. 
12True Detective  Police show.  1st and 2nd seasons.  Great casts.  Introduces Alexandria Daddario.  Must see season 1 especially. Woody Harrelson AND Matthew McConaughey. Wow.
13The Expanse.  Sci Fi.  After a slow start, picks up speed and never stops.  Stay with it.
14Strike Back.  Anti Terrorist squad wipes out bad guys.  The quintessential guy show, in all the important ways (wink wink). 
15Spartacus.  Sword and Sandal epic, following the pre slave revolt days.  Yowza Lucy Lawless.
16Altered Carbon.  The plot can get confusing but the action never stops, great babes abound.  Highly recommend for any guy still holding a legit man card.
17Sherlock.  British murder mystery based on the Arthur Conan Doyle detective hero.  You have Benedict Cumberbach, Martin Freeman, and a new treacherous hot mama every episode.  All are new mysteries.  A MUST WATCH.
18The Pacific.  The war with the Japanese, also from Tom Hanks.  Not as great as Band of Brothers, but excellent.  Great action, all realistic.
19The Mandalorian,  Star Wars show. Great action, if you liked star wars you will like.  A little derivative but still watchable
2nd Rank Shows.  No Particular Order.
Boardwalk Empire.  Great show, lots of mob type action.  Cute dolls.
Banshee.  Modern day crime show with an interesting twist.  Moves along well. 
Battlestar Gallactica.  Science Fiction. 
Jack Ryan.  Excellent anti terrorist show with a great cast. 
Black Sails.  Set in Carribean, pirate movie. Excellent action, very good cast, recommended for sure
The BodyGuard.  Modern Day crime/mystery series.  Excellent action, moves along very well
Vikings.  Medieval show with Vikings invading England.  Many battles, the English take a beating.
The Boys.  Superhero series, excellent cast and female heroes in tight uniforms.  Major twist, not your usual superhero show. 
Luke Cage.  Superhero series.  I liked this on a lot, but it got cancelled early
Luther.  Cops drama, with a major twist.  Idris Elba is great at the main character. 
The Killing.  Great murder mystery.  Highly recommend.
Shaka Zulu.  African king in the 1800’s, establishing the most powerful kingdom in Africa.  Highly recommend.
Firefly.  Sci Fi.  Good action and plotting, excellent cast.  And Morena Barracin as the resident hooker on the ship.  Hubba Hubba.
Sons of Anarchy.  Motorcycle gang series.  Highly recommend, good cast.
Squid Games.  Intense action. Korean.
Meh shows
Peaky Blinders.  Mob show in 19th century England.  I am mixed on this one, much of it seems contrived.  Good action with rival mobsters beating each other up.
Deadwood.  Western series.  Decent but not outstanding.  Takes a long time to get anywhere.  Every 3rd word is Fuck. Every 4th word is Shit.  Dialog was easy to write.
The Punisher.  Superhero series.  Meh.  Slow and boring
The Witcher.  So slow and boring, and confusing, you must be desperate.  Wokism creeps in.
The Watchmen.  Un watchable.  Completely woke
True Detective season 3.  Horrible
Into the Badlands.  Early America frontiersman show.  So boring you root for the bears to eat hearty.

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