Death By Lawsuit-Snuffing Out Gun Manufacturers

Our new head zombie, er, president, Joe Biden, has recently called for common sense gun control.  I am  not going to comment on all aspects of his proposal, just the one is which gun manufacturers could now be sued.

Actual Joe Biden Inaugural Portrait

You are likely unaware of this, but currently by federal statute you can’t sue a gun manufacturer if someone murders someone else with their product. 

This controversy led me to start thinking, on what basis could you sue a gun manufacturer?  People successfully sued cigarette manufacturers because the companies denied that smoking their product would harm them and/or kill them.  Which was curious, since every pack of cigarettes had a warning label on them since 1966 that said that the coffin nails within could kill them.  Hard to see how anything anyone read to the contrary would deceive them. The manufacturers told them straight up for decades, with every pack consumed, that the product was deadly.  But the plaintiffs’ attorneys eventually found a jury dim enough to buy the argument, and trial lawyers made mega millions.  Smokers got to pay double the price for their vice.   

So back to guns.  I have not read anywhere that Colt, or Smith and Wesson, were claiming their guns WOULD NOT kill.  I mean, they are designed specifically to kill people.  You would have to be a member of a federal jury in a cigarette trial to believe that the gun manufacturers are claiming they would NOT kill people Let’s see, could the logic be that the gun manufacturers were advertising that guns are perfectly safe, and wouldn’t hurt anyone?  If you were potential gun buyer, would you buy the weapon that advertised itself this way?  That seems unlikely.  So no gun manufacturer ever mislead anyone on this point.

Can anyone help me understand what the gun manufacturers have done wrong, such that lawsuits against them are justified?  Let’s see:

  1. Legal product.  Yup. 

2. Ownership specifically approved by the Constitution?  Check. 

3. Stores sell them legally in government approved outlets? Check

4. Sold to children? Nope

5. Defective Product?  Tragically, too many gun deaths. Nope, product works. 

6. Advertised as Harmless? No, that would be stupid 

So, I get if you hate guns and want them to be made illegal.  Lots of arguments there, on both sides of the issue.  But as to why the manufacturers are open to lawsuits, well that one is a big mystery, isn’t it?

Possibly Zombie Joe is afraid of the guns specifically manufactured to ward off the zombie apocalypse?  See my earlier post on this topic.  Maybe that explains his concern.

Oh, and the zillions contributed to his campaign by creative plaintiffs attorneys, I suppose.  They want to “snuff out” the gun industry.

And save the Zombies.

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