Ze Potato Head Toy Announced

So in a world where we need 67 different definitions to describe someone’s gender, the venerable toys known as Mr. and Mrs Potato Head clearly needed to be rebranded. There will no longer be a Mr/Mrs, the toy will just be “Potato Head”. Don’t want to confuse a 3 year old in any way.


Ze. Potato Head

Each box will with include both traditionally male or female or gay apparel, such as pants, ties, dresses, purses, leather chaps, etc. Your young progeny can have them dress and or cross dress, to their own taste.

In order for this new gender neutral and politically correct toy to be flexible, Hasbro has announced that the toy will also have additional plug in parts. There will be the option to have a snap on penis, or vagina. Also, in case you child wants to play with a hermaphrodite, a plug in piece that has both.

Given that we are now distributing condoms in grade school, the gender-free toy will also come with a package of little slip on Trojans (the company pays an advertising fee to get the branding lift for their future customers). There was talk of adding little birth control pills, but there was a swallowing hazard.

There now, aren’t you much happier that we are not stereotyping our toys by gender anymore?

Coming to a toy website you browse in the near future: GI Joe-Joan, and Bobsie-Kensie dolls. Each will be gender neutral and can be customized to your child’s tastes. The rumor is that the both the Bobsie – Kensie dolls and GI Joe-Joan dolls will also have alternative plug in parts to include three chest/boob sizes, alternative genitalia, etc. And for parents adverse to military themed toys, a Alex-Alexi doll that dresses as a UN ambassador and comes with sample Word treaty templates.

Great holiday presents for kids of any age!

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