WTF-What the Fursuit?

Billy here, back from a self imposed exile that was lamented by exactly zero people.  Such is the reinforcement that keeps obscure and talent challenged bloggers going.  Or not, in my case.

However, some giggle  inducing weirdness just can’t be ignored.  I bring you a commentary on more people having  strange and inexplicable hobbies.

In this instance I am referring to people who dress up as cartoon animals (not any famous characters, like Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck, just costumes designed to be cartoon-like).  These people then get together and share their faux furry presence with each other.

I feel it is fair to warn you now, that the following blog is riddled with bad animal related puns.  A hare-raising experience for everyone!  Not for scaredy-cats!

I actually met a bunch of them at one of their conventions.  I was in a hotel, minding my own business (meaning headed towards the 2 for 1 margarita special at the bar) and I passed by one of these very curious characters.

Fur The More
Fursuiters  Un-Leashed

When you walk by someone dressed like this, and you are not in someplace where public oddity is expected,  (such as Portland Oregon or college campuses), you tend to make a mental note.  Such as, did they let the inmates out of the asylum especially for Happy Hour, or did they all just escape and hope to fit in with the whackos at an Antifa meeting?

Determined to get insights into this, and intending to gather fodder for a future Bushwood screed, I stopped and said hello to these perfectly nice, articulate, but outwardly insane costumed characters.  It turns out that they belong to an organization called “Fur The More”, whose existence I know you think I am making up but the attached link will prove that it exists in all its mockable glory.

People who  dress up like cartoon animals are known as fursuiters.  Some spend thousands of dollars on their dog and catsuits  In answer to what one does at a “Fur The More” convention, I was told that they assemble to speak to one another, compare costumes, and frankly I can’t remember what the hell else.  I finally concluded that they get together to convince themselves that they are not completely batty.

The largest convention, known as the Mid West Fur Fest, attracted 8,800 fursuiters.  Note with a snigger that his is more people than go to an American professional soccer game.  There are international fursuiter conventions, in Germany, (FurKrauts), Canada (FurCnucks), United Kingdom (LimeyFurs) and the Philippines (PhiliFurs).

But wait, just when you thought this story was hilarious enough, there is much, much more!  The official website of this motley crew is called the Wiki Fur, and this tells us that there are six sub species within this official group.

  • Job. They somehow make a living dressing up as cartoon animals.  Bringing home the bacon (snort).
  • Charity. These folks volunteer to entertain kids and raise money-can’t do anything but compliment that of course.
  • Role playing. This is not further explained, but apparently you only half dress up. This strikes me as related to the sexuality sub-species
  • Event entertainment. As best I can tell they just show up to show off at parades and conventions.
  • Spirituality.  Such furbrains feel that wearing costumes expresses their inner animal self.  My best guess is that somewhere deep inside, they understand that they are loons.
  • Sexuality.  As you probably guessed, this sub species  dress up in hopes of getting some “tail” from a randy fox or  hound.  The organizational rules call for they all do this doggie style (york).  Some tailor their suits to access for this purpose.
autumn vixen
Autumn Vixen.  Real Person in fursuit.  Rowr!

So there you have it, more Americans behaving hilariously for our mocking  enjoyment.

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