Our Porny President and a Way to Solve The Deficit


The revelations by Stormy Daniels that she porked the Prez, back when he was just a horn dog reality TV star, as opposed to politician, did not catch anyone by surprise.  I am doubtful that anyone does not believe he screwed her, or the Playboy Pet of the Year that he also paid for her silence.  I surely do.  Donald has been nothing if not consistent in his sexual proclivities.

stormy daniels
Paid for Sex and Silence (?)

As an aside, his bimbos are WAY better looking than the floozies Bill Clinton was shagging back in Little Rock, and in the White House, (presumably in his Arkansas Razorbacks hat, sooo-eee Pig!)   So if Donald is a disgusting pig, at least as President he ruts with a better class of sow.

Paula jones
Paula Jones is just as attractive as Hillary.

OK as usual I am digressing.  It is highly unseemly that our Prez should be publicly outed stepping out with a Porn Star, even if it was 10 years ago.  But I see an opportunity here.  Let’s face it, we have a HUGE deficit.  Depending on who you ask, it is either an unsustainably large amount, or the end of the world as we know it.  (Ask either an Economist or a palm reader, both can claim the same amount of predictive accuracy).

bill clinton razorbacks hat
Bill Ready to Screw Interns

So, rather than rend our garments in despair that we have a president that has a history of cavorting with sluts, how about trying to use his sex habits to solve our pesky deficit problem?  I say, have Trump appear in a sex video with Ms Daniels.  Not only we he likely enjoy the nostalgic horizontal bop, but he can charge $10 per view.  If only 50 million people pay up, we can cut half a Billion off of the budget deficit.  Donald is currently donating his annual salary to charity, surely he would be willing to donate the proceeds of his sex romp with Ms. Stormy to public causes as well.

The beauty of this proposal is that it will cost us long suffering tax payers nothing.  Although the thought of watching Donald’s fat, 70 year body in action is slightly nauseating.  Possibly I will watch 2 Broke Girls reruns, (or actually do anything else) instead.  But hey, I am sure there a while lot of voyeuristic perverts will pay ten bucks to watch the Donald and Stormy show   I require only 10% of the proceeds for dreaming up this disturbing  idea.

On a separate note, I was highly amused to hear the latest story concerning women demeaned by sexual harassment in the work place.  I was listening to NPR this week, and you just won’t believe it.  The women who are absolutely traumatized by sexual advances in the workplace are (drum roll) SEX WORKERS!  So, the women that have sex for a living, AT WORK, are concerned about people coming on to them for sex AT WORK.  This is beyond belief, and parody.

Existential question:  What is the legal and metaphysical difference between a prostitute, who receives sex for money, and a porn star, who receives sex for money?  Answer: one is on film, the other is not.  Why does every whore not make a movie of each sex act, and claim exemption from prosecution as she is an “Actress”?  Beats me.

I also note the onset of hyperinflation.  Donald paid Stormy $130,000 to keep their affair a secret.  And she leaked like an FBI Director.  How much money does actual silence cost?

OK enough about porn stars, Playboy bunnies, presidents, and whores.  I will return now to my perusal of various biblical passages.

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