Greek Commies and American Twinkies Riot Against Trump and Obama


President Obama was in Greece for some kind of international talks recently.  The subject of the negotiations is irrelevant of course, since the purpose of meeting on any topic in Greece is always to ensure plenty of beach time and ogling nude bathers in Mykonos on the way home.

High Level Diplomat in Greece

While Obama was there, 3,000 communists and anarchists marched to protest his presence, and by extension the ill effects of American imperialism and the evils of capitalism.  Why they would protest against Obama, who has surely shown no love of capitalism as a philosophy, is puzzling.  And to destroy perfectly good vehicles and retail establishments to articulate unhappiness with Obama, makes no sense at all; after all, he is practically out of office.  It’s not like he can actually do anything about their concerns at this point, right?

Greeks Protesting Obama.  No one knows why

Meanwhile, American students so emotionally fragile that they can’t accept the results of a legitimate election are marching and rioting on the streets of the U.S.  Apparently not concerned with the results of certified elections or much else that is enshrined in our Constitution, an insignificantly small group of college students are ditching their mid- terms and rioting in protest of Trump’s election.  Just what they hope to achieve is hard to discern, but it is safe to assume that their protests will have the same effect of the anti-Obama protests in Athens.  That is to say, absolutely nothing.

Peace and Democracy Loving College Students.  Note healthy vocabulary

I smell an opportunity for a way for everyone to make out from all of this.  The recent election results seem to indicate that American people are rejecting Obama’s policies.  But then, these Greek leftists and anarchists apparently like the policies of our president even less than we do.  In the cradle of democracy, currently presided over by morally and fiscally bankrupt socialists, even this fringe group dislikes our soon to be former Prez.

Worth noting is that there are lots of Athenians who are against the man; the citizens of Athens, GA, Athens, Alabama. Athens, Texas, Athens County Ohio, New Athens Ohio, Athens, Pennsylvania, Athens, West Virginia Athens, Wisconsin Athens, Louisiana and Athens, Michigan.  Can so many Athenians be wrong?

But again, I digress.

In the city that invented democracy, nutjobs protest democratically elected foreign dignitaries, fully anticipating that their efforts will have no effect other than wanton property destruction.  Meanwhile, their philosophical soulmates in the US march ineffectually around, waving profane or inane banners while athletes and business majors jump bones with their erstwhile sexual partners.  Shouldn’t we get these like minded folks together?

My suggestion is to have US students unhappy with Trump’s election sent to Moscow.  In the cradle of Communism, they can join with the Greek Communist/Anarchist Left, march around throwing Molotov cocktails, and articulate their incoherent and incomprehensible manifestos.  (At least until they meet up with some of the kindly and welcoming officers in the Secret Police!!)  This would reduce both the cost of police overtime and annoying  traffic hassles in many major cities.  The protesters can visit the Kremlin and have sit ins to protest democracy.  (I am guessing Putin will lend his support).   Then the cream filled snack cakes not incapacitated by baton wielding coppers can stop over in Mykonos, (possibly in the same hotel that Obama stayed in!) and likewise get to ogle the nude bathers there.  Everyone would seem to win, under the Bushwood plan.

Moscow Protester Welcoming Committee

As airline tickets cost money, and anarchists are not known to have any means of fiscal support, funding will be necessary.  Anyone wishing to support the implementation of this plan please send your contributions to:

Send The Twinks and leftish whackos to Moscow

C/O The Bushwood Solutions Center

666 Trotsky Platz

Berkeley, CA  60666

We promise to buy only one way airline tickets.

Thank you.

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