Short Snark Giving Politicians a More Honest Profession


Bill Clinton With Aspiring Congresspersons

The Washington Post,  (90% of whose current ink is spent on vicious hit pieces on the hapless Donald Trump),  chose to digress in a small way Sunday and published a noteworthy puff piece.  The opportunity to mock was impossible for your favorite snarkster to pass up.

It happens that Natasha Guynes, who runs a very commendable non profit that helps “vulnerable young women” in DC, is a former prostitute.  I believe ‘vulnerable young women” is a euphemism for hookers (I refuse to call them sex workers.  That takes all the “Pretty Women” romance out of the world’s oldest profession).  She spent many years as a staffer for congressmen, and now counsels ladies of the evening.  Er, that is, vulnerable women.

So here we have an ironical, snark worthy subject that sits on the tee like a volleyball, you just have to swing at it right?

Most legislators go the other way, surely?  They start as politicians with great ideals and a sincere desire to make the world a better place.  But they THEN wind up as defacto prostitutes, selling their votes to the highest bidder.  (On the plus side, many of them give business to working girls and guys, so they can honestly say they are creating jobs for the country!!)

I suggest that Ms. Guynes, (who I am sure is doing fine work), start up a second charitable organization.  She should try to rehabilitate fallen politicians, those who desire to find a more honest and honorable profession.  She could train them how to be gigolos and whores, where you get as honest and straightforward a transaction as is available anywhere.  No more “If you like your Doctor, you can keep your doctor” or “there were no classified documents on my server”.  Just a menu of services for a negotiated rate.

Possibly she could counsel some of her clients, those “vulnerable young women” to become politicians?  Nah, I am sure they would find that too demeaning.


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