The Naked Dress-Its Skin to Win

Sometimes there are major trends in women’s fashion that I pay particular attention to. The latest is one of which I heartily (and hornily) approve

Its the naked dress. Although this is hardly brand new, it appears to have overtaken Hollywood by sheer storm. You go (naked) girls!

For years, women at weddings, formal parties, and entertainment shows competed to show as much boob as possible, within the constraints of keeping a PG rating. But as the necklines got lower, and the hemlines got higher (often in the same dress), it was had to achieve Tik Tok or Instagram fame and following showing just somewhat covered legs and boobs.

J Lo started the latest trend back at the Oscars a few years ago , when she wore this dress. Daring because she is almost showing cooter AND boobs, and clearly ain’t wearing panties. She got so much attention from this, the race to (showing) the bottom was on.

Jo Lo in the dress that started it all

So guys, live it up. Time to watch the idiotic Oscars again. The comedian is tiresome, the awards go to pictures no one has seen. Chances are you will not have seen any of them. But during the runway show, (many women watch only this part) you get the equivalent of the old Victoria’s Secret Catalog. Many of the worlds most beautiful and famous women, strutting their stuff like strippers. Some will NOT wear these dresses in presenting awards. I recommend muting the audio and listening to Dan Carlin podcasts.

Here are a few more examples to get you psyched up for next year. So let’s have a vote…who didn’t wear anything best? I promise to keep all answers confidential. I vote for Alessandra.

Emily Ratkowski
Alessandra Ambrosio

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