A Man Called Otto-Movie Review

6/10 stars

Woke nonsense factor: Almost Zero

I saw this movie a few weeks ago, and really liked it. This type of film is called a slice of life, the kind of movies that Hollywood used to make before it became only an outlet for retread Marvel Comics characters. (Note that we are on the twelfth reboot of spiderman, and the umpty twentieth reboot of Batman. Hire a writer with new stories for Gods’ sake)

One of my favorite actors, Tom Hanks, stars as people hating introvert, turned suicidal by the death of his wife and loss of his job. As he is about to hang himself, people keep getting in the way. Annoying people, and remember he hates everyone. Not just the annoying ones. These troublesome neighbors all want favors from him.

We see our anti hero Otto, reacting with anger and irritation. Let me get back to the cyanide, will you?

But as Otto is rudely interrupted in his date with a coffin, he discovers that he is a human after all. He finds he can’t just ignore people who need his help. And thus he regains a purpose, to help others who can use his many skills. He gets his desire for living back.

The story is not more complicated than this. Of course, Hanks’ acting skills, likeability, and charisma basically carry the movie. But hey, what is wrong with that?

See the movie, avoid the same old superhero trash and Hollywood sermonizing.

See also: Big, Forrest Gump, Splash, Apollo 13. Let’s face it, just about anything he starred in. Turner and Hooch you could pass on.

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