Movie Review: Avatar-The Deep

Avatar Goes Coastal

Movie Rating: 8 Stars

I greatly enjoyed this animated flick, primarily due to its awesome animation. The visuals are outstanding and a must see at the theater. I may go again, once my butt recovers from 3 hours and 15 minutes, plus 25 minutes of commercials and previews, stuck to theater seat.

Make sure you go to a theater with leather recliners to see this one.

The creatures and indigenous peoples that inhabit Pandora, an outer planetary world, are a wonder of imagination and creativity. The women are all 8 foot supermodels, long legs, wearing thong bikinis, hair or scanty garments cover their boobs. The guys are 10 foot decathletes, dressed like Tarzan. No beer bellies or monster butts anywhere. For reasons unknown, they are given funny noses.

The action is realistic and really fun, if you like action flicks. Which I do.

That said, you have to be into the animation and the created world to ignore the movies’ many flaws. It is offensively woke, and involves the killing of many US Marines. I am greatly concerned with the casual way that Hollywood has taken true American heroes and converted them into murderous, blood thirsty monsters.

The story is unoriginal, the dialog contrived and “fun-miliar”. You have seen the story and heard the lines many times before. In this story, the old style western is turned on its head; the Indians are the good guys, (they have a contrived accent like the Hakowis in F Troop,) shoot arrows, and ride what are essentially horses that fly. You root for them to kill the American solders lest their world be taken over by us villainous Earthlings. (Earth is dying, we all need to move to Pandora. Its beautiful, unspoiled, and you can get unlimited music for $9/month).

The plot makes no sense at all. The holes in the plot are cavernous and as wide as the Grand Canyon.

If you can ignore the typical woke Hollywood nonsense, focus on the miraculous animation, nubile aliens, and great action, you will enjoy as much as I did. But really, see it in the theater. $16 for the matinee, two movies for the price of one. An entertainment bargain.

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