Wyatt Earp-Pimp, Lousy gunfighter

I watched a movie about Wyatt Earp, starring Kevin Costner. The movie is actually fairly faithful to the facts of his dissolute life, unlike so many Hollywood Biopics. I know this because I read up on him after watching.

The movie itself is long and overly so. But very interesting, with a great cast, wonderful cinematography, blah blah. I enjoyed it. I recommend watching.

Despite its over all accuracy, for some reason Hollywood decided not to include the fact that he owned whorehouses and gambling saloons. Why, I am not sure. This is interesting and colorful info. Earp had two common law marriages to whores (now known as sex workers, which makes them in no way more respectable people) so we can all acknowledge that he liked to hang around with women like Julia Roberts or other famous move sluts. Or more likely clap ridden tramps who looked like Rose O’Donnell. But whatever.

For some reason I find this funny. Why not call a pimp a pimp? The man ran whorehouses and gambling dens. Plus he shot some bad guys, and probably murdered others types of people. As Jabba the Hutt would say, “My kind of Scum”.

Wyatt Earp-Outlaw, Whorehouse Operator, Lousy Shot

Meanwhile, he participated in the event that made him famous. The Shootout at the OK Corral. According to eyewitness accounts, the entire event took just 30 seconds. 140 years later, we are still talking about something that lasted less time than a politicians’ promises. Nine people were involved, 30 shots were fired from 6 feet away, and of those shots only four hit anyone. Earp missed everybody apparently. From six Feet away! Since they were all at the OK Corral, it is possible that the famous gunfighter Wyatt Earp actually missed the nearby barn doors also. One of the worlds most famous gunfighters was a lousy shot. HaHaHaHaHa!!

At least his affections actually hit their mark with his whores/wives. As far as we know. So really good with a one shooter. He had no children, thankfully.

There you have it, the most overrated gunfighter in the history of the West. His only actual marksmanship was scoring with hookers.

I suggest that Hunter Biden take up his mantle, as apparently scoring whores is one of his primary abilities. Maybe someday he will be famous for something other than leaching millions off of using his Dad’s name and snorting crack.

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