Putin Says Biden Is a Big Meanie

You may know Vladamir Putin, he of the he-man photo ops and murderer of political opponents. Yes, several people the Vlad the Mass Poisoner did not like, ended up mysteriously dead. Not to mention about 13,000 people dead in Ukraine after Putin’s thugs and minions invaded that be-knighted country. Or being a keen co henchman in the extermination of Assad’s opposition in the Syrian conflict. (400-600,000 dead)

Wah Wah! I am NOT a killer!!

Beyond that, he’s a thief. It is estimated he has stolen about a million bazillion Rubles ($257 billion) from his fellow citizens. He is in the process of building a $1 Billion palace, because you know, everyone needs a little elbow room. Hot and cold running hookers also, presumably. Paying for it out of his civil servant’s salary, no doubt.


So the man is a vile murderer and possibly the biggest crook in the history of the world. One can assume that he also abuses pets and baby seals, also.

It so happens that our zombie president, Joe Biden, woke up from his 2nd daily nap to point out Putin’s misdeeds. Factually, he said Putin is a killer. Who thought the Zombie had enough backbone to state such a plain fact in public?

Well, the Mass Poisoner and odious crook declared that Biden is, “A Big Bad Meanie.”

Here’s Vlad: “Wah Wah Wah Wah! I murder thousands, I simply won’t stand for any accurate name calling!” Who knew Putin was such a pussy that he can’t stand being correctly labelled?

So apparently there will be retaliation. What, we won’t have access to their stinky caviar anymore? We can get vodka anywhere, And we have our own blond hookers. What does that leave? He will interfere EVEN MORE in our elections? Will he try to get From Russia With Love (Bond Movie) banned?

I personally don’t care if we never have anything to do with the Russians ever again, screw them I say.

Let’s see if we can get the Zombie to insult Xi Jinping (Head Vile Communist China, Mass Murderer, exporter of terror, polluter, and serial flatulence sufferer). Then we can have nothing to do with that awful country, either.

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