Bring Back the Wardrobe Malfunction

Some of you may recall a kindler, gentler era, when there were only 5 gender descriptions and the halftime of the Super Bowl was worth squirming to hold off a pee to watch. With the exception of the era when the 49rs always won due to extensive cheating, the games themselves were often competitive.

Now there are somewhere between 67 and 100 gender descriptions, which you better damn well have memorized and be able to use accurately. Whoever Tom Brady plays for always wins, so the game has no suspense to it anymore. And the half time of the now renamed Brady Bowl competes with PBS documentaries and the Congressional speeches for sheer, stultifying boredom.

The Zombie Apocalypse Meets Football Halftime

Mrs. Obscure blogger watched the Half Time Show (brought to you by Ambien) which featured someone called The Weekend. He was dancing with a bunch of full suited zombies. His reasoning for presenting this bizarre spectacle is too strange to be believed, and proves he is a seriously disturbed individual.

Not one female was featured, although in fairness there may have been 66-99 other genders represented. We never even got to see any shots of the cheerleaders? WTF?

My wife thought this was an insult to women and a major snoozing disappointment from an entertainment experience.

Contrast this “show” with fun of Watching Janet Jacksons large fake boobs come loose “accidentally” during one memorable half time show.

Now That Was Entertainment! And There Was Singing Also!
Or how about all of this talent?

The good news is that apparently the NFL thinks the football alone is enough to keep us peeled to the screen during the Brady Bowl. That’s absurd of course. But now we can safely schedule funerals during half time, and be happier and more entertained than we were by that wierdo The Weekend.

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