Whacky Won Tons

Try the Peking Wee-Ners

Ok this gave me the best spontaneous laugh I had all last week.

I was skulking around a nearby suburban town, hoping to locate a good spot to open a Twerking themed dance studio, (a can’t miss franchise opportunity !) when I spotted this uproariously named asian joint.

I gather the proprietor did not bother to consult any English speakers about this proposed name, so missed the opportunity to avoid being publicly mocked by obscure bloggers. I bet the sign company was laughing for weeks over this order.

I am puzzled as to the fact that this place is not thronged with female customers, given the prevalence of the phrase “size matters” in todays impolite discourse. Shouldn’t lonely ladies find the possibilities irresistible?

Any thoughts/responses from my several loyal readers?

There is a bar/tavern in this shopping center, and my thought is that the male patrons who are hitting on comely females therein can use the proximity of the place as a foolproof pick up line.

As in, “Hey Ba-bee, want some Wong Kok?” If the girl is game, success! If she slaps him, he can just feign anger and ask why inviting someone to have a Chinese dinner is so offensive?

Let me know if you are interested in the Dance studio concept, I am holding a sale on early franchise rights. Sofa change will likely be sufficient.

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