The Covenant-Movie Review

8 Stars out of 10

Woke nonsense factor: 0 of 10. Wow!

I actually went out to the movies recently, with Mrs. Bushwood. So rare for us to actually go OUT to a movie these days.

Even rarer, we both enjoyed the movie very much. This is a true story of heroism by an American soldier in Iraq, who risks his life to fulfill a promise our government made to an Afghan translator who helped our soldiers during that ill fated war. And who specifically saved the life of one American soldier at great risk to his own life.

The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaall, and Dar Salim. Both are great in their roles. The movie features fantastic and realistic looking war action sequences.

The risk to the lives of those who helped the US during the war is realistically presented, including the near death scrapes with the hated and murderous Taliban. (They are busily executing the people we left behind as we speak).

Jake Gyllenhall and Dar Salim

Hollywood used to make a lot of movies like this one. Americans are the good guys, actual bad guys are portrayed realistically. As vile and odious murderers. Please go out and see the movie, not only because you and your date/spouse will really enjoy it, (my wife does not generally like war movies but really enjoyed this one). Also so that it will be successful financially, and movie studios will make more of them. Maybe less focus on woke drivel that no one bothers to see, (see Oscars, best movie nominees).

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